About 25 coal based thermal power plants with a capacity of nearly 30,000 MW are under various stages of government clearance, financial closure or project development  in SPSR Nellore district. Krishnapatnam port will feed the imported high quality coal for most of these units which are being setup in the close vicinity to take advantage of reduction in transportation cost of coal, which is the main raw material for these units.

On the flip side, these units are expected to burn about 3 lakh tonnes of coal per day generating huge quantities of fly ash, carbon dioxide, sulphur and other harmful chemicals. Experts say that new generation thermal power plants have minimized the release of harmful pollutants. Fly ash is also widely being used in production of cement and bricks. However, it is not yet clear how the water requirements will be met and what would be the after effects on ground water levels and sea water quality and its ecological effects.

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