Mr. Ravindra Babu Sannareddy co-founded Sri City Pvt Ltd and serves as its Managing Director. Mr. Sannareddy is the promoter of Megasoft Ltd., and has been its Chairman of the Board since June 29, 1999.

Mr. Sannareddy founded Megasoft Consultants, Inc. in 1994. He served as a Senior Advisor of Global Services Partners Acquisition Corp. since August 2005. He has over one and a half decades of experience in progressive management and in managing technical organizations.

Mr. Sannareddy has a rich experience in the IT segment in general and more specifically in application of numerical methods and software solutions for complex engineering and energy problems. He has also launched and successfully ran a software services division in US for Satyam Group. Prior to this, he was associated with an elite American engineering and energy-consulting organization, from 1990 to 1994 in different capacities. Mr. Sannareddy was employed with ICF Consulting, an engineering and energy-consulting organization, from 1990 to 1994, in different capacities.

He served as Co-Chairman of Megasoft Ltd. He serves as a Director of Sri City Pvt Ltd. and Megasoft Ltd. Mr. Sannareddy received a B.S. from Regional Engineering College in Trichy, India, a B.S. from Utah State University and holds a Master’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Utah State University, US and an MSE from The John Hopkins University, US.