In April 2011, Metal One (Mitsubishi Group) and Keiyo Blanking Kogyo Co., Ltd. came together to establish India Metal One Steel Plate Processing Private Ltd (IMOP), the first site in India for the melt cutting and processing of steel plates. The joint venture factory is located in the suburbs of Tada in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, in the Sri City special economic zone (SEZ).

metal one sricity sez nellore

The new venture will supply products such as melt-cut parts, secondary-processing items, and composite parts, primarily for Caterpillar Inc. and other construction machinery manufacturers. Its initial monthly processing capacity is expected to reach 2,000 tonnes.

Outline of the New Company
Name: India Metal One Steel Plate Processing Private Ltd.
Location: 4300 Spine South, Sri City DTZ, Andhra Pradesh, India
Representative: Takeshi Mitsui
Capitalization: 1.227 billion rupees (Metal One: 60 percent; Keiyo Blanking Kogyo: 40 percent)
Start of operation: Scheduled for August 2012
Number of employees: Approx. 200
Line of business: Processing of plates for construction machinery and sales of processed products
Processing capacity: 2,000 tonnes per month