Isuzu Motors, the Automobile giant has agreed to build a pick-up truck manufacturing facility at Sri City, Nellore District.  Vice president and director Masanori Katayama promised to set up the most modern facility in Sri City compared with 44 units the automaker currently has across the globe.  It has also promised to bring several Japanese auto component manufacturers to the state to meet it requirements. The company has begun the construction for a manufacturing facility for production of ut ility vehicles.

Refrigeration compressors producer Mayewaka Manufacturing chairman Yoshiro Tanaka has expressed their interest in setting up cold chains in the proposed mega food parks to make agriculture profitable.

Kubota Corporation, the Agri equipment manufacturer is interested to work with AP in the areas of agri productivity enhancement and farm mechanisation.

Naidu succeeded in getting encouraging response from large Japanese funding institutions Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA)  and Japan bank for International Cooperation (JIBC) for infrastructure projects in AP. JICA is currently funding the Chennai-Bangalore industrial corridor with Krishnapatnam as one of the nodal points to support industrial nodes and road network connecting all the seaports in the state.


List of Indian and International Companies at Sri City